• I love US sports

    (particularly the Boston teams)

  • I film stuff

    (That's why there's a picture of a camera)


James CuffHi, I'm James Cuff and currently work as Multimedia Producer for the Marketing department at Confused.com based in Cardiff, Wales. I'm responsible for producing creative multimedia content, including online video, for Confused.com’s digital marketing department with a focus on social media, PR and editorial content. I previously worked as Multimedia Producer for The Sunday Times as part of a handpicked team responsible for the creative video and audio content of the site following its transition to a paid-for platform. I also previously worked at Media Wales and was responsible for the video content and digital development of WalesOnline.

A few examples of the things I've done for money.


My ramblings on social media, online video and digital sport.

July 28 2013

Big Papi goes postal on the dugout phone, gets ejected [GIF]

Boston Red Sox designated David Ortiz lost his cool during the Red Sox’ 7-3 win over the Baltimore Orioles last night. Big Papi, visibly unhappy after getting struck out by umpire Tim Timmons, entered the Red Sox dugout and proceeded Read More